Puerto Rican players in Organized Negro Leagues research

About 217 Negro leaguers saw action in the Puerto Rico Professional Baseball League, among them, 37 Puerto Ricans, more or less.  To certify these players, we are investigating how many saw action in the Organized Negro Leagues, now classified as Big Leagues on December 16, 2020.

Our main source to certify these players is http://www.seamheads.com/NegroLgs/index.php

It is also useful any information like a box score of a game held on one of these seven organized Negro leagues, rosters, documents, books, etc.

In this table, the ones in red are certified as big leaguers for the reasons stated before. We will keep investigating in order to complete this important project.  If you have any information, please feel free to contact us at  negroleaguerspr@gmail.com. or fill our form in Contact Page

red ink (Organized Negro Leagues)


SH (seamheads)

B-R (Baseball-reference)

EC (Eastern Colored)

Negro AL (Negro Amercan League)

Negro NL (Negro National League)

NY (New York)

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