They made it to Cooperstown

Satchel Paige induction in 1972. With him, Commissioner Bowie Kuhn.

The Puerto Rico Professional Baseball League was established in 1938.  Since then, 16 of the 37 (43%) Negro Leagues legends in the Hall of Fame, played in the Island.

1.      Roy Campanella (Caguas, Santurce and San Juan)-1969

2.      Satchel Paige (Guayama and Santurce)-1971

3.      Joshua Gibson (Santurce)-1972

4.      Buck Leonard (Mayagüez)-1972

5.      Monte Irvin (San Juan)-1973

6.      Oscar Charleston-1976[1]

7.      Willie Mays (Santurce)-1979

8.      Hank Aaron (Caguas)-1982

9.      Ray Dandridge (Santurce)-1987

10.   Leon Day (Aguadilla and Santurce)-1995

11.   Willie Wells (Aguadilla)-1997

12.   Larry Doby (San Juan)-1998

13.   Hilton Smith (Ponce)-2001

14.   Willard Brown (Humacao, Arecibo and Santurce)-2006

15.   Raymond Brown (San Juan, Santurce and Ponce)-2006

16.   Judd Wilson (Humacao)-2006

Additionally, four other Negro Leaguers in the Hall of Fame saw action in Puerto Rico before 1938:  José de la Caridad Méndez and Cristobal Torriente with Alex Pompez´s Cuban Stars; and Louis Santop with the Brooklyn Royal Giants in 1916; and Martin Dihigo with Puerto Rico Wrigley´s in 1931-32, Almendares in 1935-36 and Concordia in 1932-33, 1933-34 and 1934-35.

So, that gives Puerto Rico a total of at least 20 Negro Leaguers of 37 for a very healthy 54%, more than any country in the Caribbean.

Stay tuned, this gets better and better.

[1] Umpire

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